Holiday Work


Read every day. Try to read at least 30 minutes a day. You may have a book from the library or a book from home. Other reading material could involve:

  • tourist brochures
  • street directories
  • information pamphlets from places that you visit
  • restaurant menus and so on


Take an exercise book and write a journal entry of the day’s events each afternoon. Include photographs and postcards and remember to write captions to provide more details for your entries.

Write and explain in some detail a highlight for your day and also a low light.

Other journal entries could include:

  • description of a new place you have seen
  • details of an event that occurred
  • describing the interesting people you have met

Take care with your sentence structure and take some time to edit your work. Ask mum and dad to check your work.


Practise your basic facts addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Practise the strategies you have been learning at school. Don’t just recite them out loud. Use the environment around you – the car, train and even plane travel. There will be numbers everywhere. Make up simple sums using them such as adding the digits on passing cars’ number plates.


  • Practise exchanging money. When buying something, calculate the change you should receive – were you correct?
  • Is the cost of everyday things the same – are they more expensive or less expensive? By how much?
  • If overseas, what are the conversions for the currency you need to use? How much of the new currency would you receive for 10 Australian Dollars, $100, $1000?

Telling Time

  • How far have you travelled each day, each week?
  • How far do you still have to travel?
  • How much time will pass until we get there?
  • How long before we stop for lunch?

Reading Maps

  • Be responsible for giving the driver directions on where they need to go?
  • Look at the scale on the map, measure this and work out how far it is in real distances
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